Best Automotive Sound Deadening Materials (Sound Insulation)

This article will help you find which automotive sound deadening material performs the best.

Considering that the market has evolved and expanded over the years, finding the best car sound deadening material proves to be a difficult task due to a sheer variety of materials currently on the market. People often get confused over which feature is more important. The following section will aid you in that regard.

Types of Sound Deadening Materials

There are four different types of car sound deadening materials available. Each has its own intended use, but some of them can’t be used in all areas. They are as follows:

  • Deadening mats: Mats are usually the first thing that comes to mind, and people often use them to cover different surfaces.
  • Damping pads: This is a thick layer of rubber which is placed underneath the carpet in order to dampen sound.
  • Foams: Their usage is focused on eliminating vibrations, and they come in sheets.
  • Sprays: Deadening sprays are used for situations when it is impossible to install mats. Their installation is dependent on using a compressor, so people often avoid them.

Sound deadening materials often come in rolls. However, many manufacturers now sell them in patches. Sprays are available in cans.

8 of the Best Sound Deadening Materials for Cars

Having introduced some of the key factors and features, let’s move on to specific products.

8. Uxcell Car Noise Sound Deadener

This material has a high-fiber cloth (fiberglass), and its surface is very scratch resistant since it has an aluminum foil coating. It fares well against the heat so you can use it even as a protective material that blocks sunlight.

The overall thickness is roughly 10mm, and its surface covers around 16.36 square feet (40’’ x 60’’). It’s suitable for door panels and hood covering, that is, smaller surfaces. It does not perform well as a floor insulator since you need a thicker material there. What separates it from the others is definitely its price.


  • It’s scratch-resistant
  • This material is an excellent heat insulator


  • Not suitable for larger surfaces
  • There is a potential dimension mismatch with what is advertised and the actual product

7. B-Quiet Viscoelastic Sound Deadener

This is a viscoelastic material that goes extremely well with a supercharged butyl-based adhesive. The material itself is quite flexible, and it adheres to any surface properly, considering that you apply it correctly.

As far as its performance goes, it shines when it comes to converting vibrations into thermal energy. However, it marginally deadens the sound. It comes in a 1-foot wide roll, and its thickness is 1.6mm (60 mils). The product does not come with any additional equipment (adhesive, roller, etc.). However, it compensates for it by performing well against the rattling and vibrations.


  • It’s flexible
  • Versatile


  • It does not come with additional equipment
  • Sound deadening is partial in some cases

6. SoundQubed Q-Mat Sound Deadening Mat

Q-Mat consists of butyl rubber and is 2.2mm thick. Due to its 100% butyl component, it is a lot stickier than the rest, which makes it quite easy to apply and install. When it comes to noise reduction within the car, it reduces vibrations and rattles only remotely.

Where this material shines is when soundproofing is concerned. It greatly eliminates various noises that are coming from the outside and the traffic. The fact that the sound from a stereo system sounds sharper and clearer with this material installed attests to that statement.

It’s tough to pinpoint the material’s flaws. However, there is one minor remark. To achieve that level of sound, you will have to install at least two layers of it.


  • Strong adhesive
  • It reduces the noise from the outside


  • You need to use two layers of this material to achieve the effects mentioned above

5. HushMat Ultra Silver Foil Dampening Pad

This material is specifically engineered to eliminate road noise and vibration. It’s safe to say that it more than just succeeds in that regard. However, the sound of the nearby passing vehicles such as loud motorcycles can still be heard.

It comes in 30 sheets, the dimensions of which are 12’’ x 23 ‘’ (4 square feet). The sheets are enough to cover the floor and maybe the passenger’s compartment. If you want to cover more than that, you’ll probably have to buy another package.

In addition, unlike other materials that were mentioned, it is extremely resistant to high temperatures. It can withstand temperatures from -30 degrees to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The recommended use for this product is to try to cover everything that you can for maximum effect, as it’s really effective.


  • Greatly reduces road noise
  • It can withstand high temperatures


  • Not enough sheets to cover the entire car

4. FatMat Sound Deadener

We are now moving on to some of the more popular brand names. FatMat products are among the favorite when it comes to sound deadening mats. This product comes in two rolls (33 feet long and 18 inches wide). The installation is fairly easy as these are self-adhesive rolls which do not require any additional glues. You can set it in a matter of moments.

The material might require a very sharp knife for you to cut it though. You just need to make sure that you apply constant pressure in order for the material to adhere to the surface properly. The noise reduction is not too dramatic like some other materials have, but it is there.


  • The rolls are self-adhesive
  • There is enough material for the entire surface of your car


  • Can be difficult to cut

3. Kilmat Automotive Sound Deadening Mat

Kilmat manages to stay within the same price range as some of the budget-oriented alternatives out there while still performing good.

The reason why it is on this list is that it manages to deal with rattling, vibrations, and engine noise just as equally! It’s a bit universal in that regard.

It comes in sheets, which means that there will be some overlapping if you want to cover a larger area (floor, roof).

Understandably enough, it is definitely not without its flaws. The installation is a bit difficult and requires a lot of patience. You need to make sure to roll out the embossing on the foil carefully until it’s plainly smooth. How well you do this also depends on how well the surface was degreased.


  • A universal sound dampening material (equally eliminates indoor and outdoor noises)


  • It requires patience when installing

2. Noico Sound Deadening Mat

Noico is one of the leading manufacturers that has managed to preserve the quality of their products.

Their sound deadening mat is very versatile. You can use it to cover your vehicle’s floor, roof, hood, and doors with no complications. The material adds mass to whatever surface you apply it to. That way, it keeps the parts firm and steady and prevents them from moving around and causing noise. The material is also self-adhesive and guarantees user-friendly installation.

It’s really hard to find a flaw, but if one needs to be selected, it’s definitely the thickness. The material could be thicker.


  • It works great with any surface
  • The installation is user-friendly


  • Some people noticed rubbery odor

1. Dynamat Sound Deadener

Finally, we move on to what is the prime example of a good sound deadening material. It’s no secret that Dynamat preserves the number one spot when it comes to every single aspect of sound deadening.

They have separate products for each part of a car. All of these products can be used together in order to achieve maximum efficiency. The most popular products are Sound Deadening Mats, Dynaliners, and Dynapads. As far as sound and heat insulation is concerned, they are second to none.

Each product is aluminum-coated (which is how it achieves heat resistance) and features permanent adhesive. There’s a variety of options when it comes to dimensions so you can appropriate it to your liking. The materials are flexible as well, which means that they are compatible with all sorts of different textures and surfaces.

It’s a known fact that this is a popular brand name and that it might be a bit expensive, but it definitely delivers.


  • Excellent sound and heat insulating material
  • Quite easy to install


  • High price

Final Verdict

All in all, we conclude that Dynamat exceeds the performance of other products by far. The reason is that it has each of those features integrated into it and it even improves them. Other products are there for people who want alternatives and do not necessarily agree with this top pick.

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