Lizardskin vs. Dynamat: Sound-Deadening Spray vs. Mat

You have likely heard of how important sound-deadening mats are. So many people use these convenient mats in order to get rid of annoying road noises. They can also be very good for helping you to get the best sound out of your speakers by eliminating annoying vibrations. If you are considering buying a sound-deadening mat for your car, then you should know that there are options out there for you to look into.

You will also find that there is a spray-on sound deadener on the market. Some people actually prefer the spray-on sound-deadening options to the mats. Which one is going to work best for you is likely to come down to personal preference. Either way, you will want to look into purchasing the best options on the market for whatever style of sound deadener that you are looking for.

Lizardskin is among the most popular spray-on sound-deadening products on the market. Dynamat has built a reputation for being one of the premier sound-deadening mats. Which one of these products is going to be right for your car? I’m going to dig into the particulars in order to help you find the answer to that question.

Sound deadening a car with mats and sprays.

Lizardskin and Dynamat: The Comparison


Preparing to install Dynamat is not going to be a big deal at all. There is no major preparation work that needs to be completed. You will just be cutting and fitting the Dynamat into the right spots in your car. You will even be able to do part of now and then come back to it later if you choose to do so.

This is not the case when you’re making use of the Lizardskin. Preparation is a huge process when you’re going with the Lizardskin. You are going to need to completely strip your interior ahead of time. If you fail to do this, then you will risk ruining the interior completely.

It’s important to note that people do not generally install the Lizardskin spray themselves. Most people will hire professionals to do this for them. This is going to add to the overall cost of the job. You can buy this stuff and attempt to do it yourself but it is not easy to handle without the right equipment and expertise.

Ease of Use

Many people would say that neither of these is particularly easy to use. I wouldn’t necessarily agree but you do need to know what you’re getting yourself into. Overall, Dynamat is going to be the easier option of the two. It is possible to install Dynamat yourself without it being a big deal whereas that is not likely an option when you want to go with the Lizardskin.

Getting the Dynamat installed by yourself can be handled in a timely fashion. This is going to involve some intricate cutting and you have to be meticulous about how you’re applying it. Even so, this is a job that most people will be able to handle if they’re willing to take the time to do it. This might not be the case for people who are trying to handle a Lizardskin installation on their own.

I didn’t have a hard time using the Lizardskin but I can see how this might be too tough for a DIY job. Spraying is not going to be difficult but it can get very messy. You’re going to need a spray gun to get the job done too and most people won’t have the right equipment. Some people are not going to like how involved this process is so it’s likely best to hire professionals to handle everything.


Both of these products work fantastically when it comes to reducing road noises. The Lizardskin is actually able to provide the most coverage. This is going to allow you to cover the entire body of your car. Even the ribs of the car and the frame can be covered when using the spray.

Dynamat still works well but there will be gaps that you will have to put up with. For the most part, the Dynamat is going to provide great coverage to the body section of your car. It is not going to get the ribs and the frame as the Lizardskin will. You’ll still get good results but the Lizardskin may work even better.

Lizardskin works so well that you will not have to put up with any seams or gaps. This is a very good solution for eliminating road noises. The Dynamat will not be able to provide the same results but it will still work well. Since the Lizardskin is a little bit better when it comes to coverage, most people would say that it is superior to Dynamat when looking at pure results.

Overall Cost

When it comes to the overall cost, the Lizardskin is going to be the more cost-effective method. It costs quite a bit less than the Dynamat does. If you are hoping to soundproof your car without breaking the bank, then you will likely want to consider the Lizardskin. It’s going to give you very good results while allowing you to save a little bit of money.

Even with the installation cost of the Lizardskin, many people will come out ahead when compared to using Dynamat. Dynamat is somewhat pricey but it is a proven brand. Whether or not it is going to be right for you will be up to your personal preference. There’s no denying that it is the more expensive option of the two, though.

To be clear, both of these options are going to require a bit of an investment. They both work well and will give you the results that you want. The Lizardskin is simply more affordable and it works better in some ways. Depending on your needs, you may want to sway one way or the other.

For most people, the Lizardskin is going to be the better purchase from a financial perspective. I know that I found it to be great and was impressed by the results. The Dynamat also works spectacularly so you really can’t go wrong either way. Try to weigh the pros and cons of each of these options to see which one is best for you.

The Pros and Cons of Lizardskin

Lizardskin Pros:

  • The entire process of using this is fairly fast.
  • Easily cover all areas of your car.
  • Professionals can install this for you.

Lizardskin Cons:

  • It can be potentially very messy.
  • This is unlikely an option if you’re hoping to do it yourself.
  • It’s important to be cautious around your paint.

Lizardskin Sound Deadening Spray: Available on Amazon

Lizardskin spray-on sound deadener vs. Dynamat Xtreme sound deadening mat.

The Pros and Cons of Dynamat

Dynamat Pros:

  • It works really well.
  • You can install this yourself if you have the time.
  • It is a reliable brand that has been popular for years.

Dynamat Cons:

  • It is fairly expensive.
  • It is not easy to work with.
  • It requires making precise cuts.
  • It doesn’t give complete coverage.

Dynamat Sound Deadening Mats: Available on Amazon

Which Is Better, Lizardsking or Dynamat?

Determining which is the better option is actually fairly tough. Both products have their strengths and weaknesses. In some ways, Lizardskin is going to be better as it can provide complete coverage for your car. Dynamat is a proven brand, though, and many people love the results once they have everything installed.

The Dynamat is actually going to be easier to work with, though. You will have to make some precise cuts and be careful with how you’re doing things but most people will be able to accomplish this. More people are going to have trouble using the Lizardskin due to its overall messy nature. You’ll need to hire a professional to install the Lizardskin so this might limit its appeal.

There are many people who choose to enlist the help of professionals to install both of these products. I don’t think that’s entirely necessary when it comes to using the Dynamat but your mileage will vary. Lizardskin is more affordable and Dynamat is a proven commodity. You have to make the decision for yourself but you should be happy with the results either way you decide to go.

Take Care of Your Car Today

No matter which option you wind up going with, it is going to prove to be beneficial. You will have a much better experience if you soundproof the car to this degree. There are two popular options that you can choose from and both of them will work brilliantly.

There is no need to continue to drive while dealing with road noise if you can fix the issue. You can choose to hire professionals to get this done today. If you go with the Dynamat, then it will even be possible to take care of this all by yourself. Your decision may come down to whether or not you want to do this yourself or not.

If you consider yourself to be a DIY type of person, then going with Dynamat is the sensible choice. Lizardskin is more practical for those who wish to hire professionals. You can get professionals to install the Dynamat too but it will add to your overall costs. Pick an option that works for your budget and gives you the results that you are seeking.

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