How to Make Your Car’s Exhaust Louder or Deeper

You might be one of the many people who really enjoy having a louder and more impressive-sounding vehicle. If your exhaust just doesn’t sound loud enough for your tastes, then there are some ways that you can make changes.

It is possible to get a louder, deeper sound from your exhaust so that you can really hear the power. Whether you just like the sound or you want to be able to alert the neighborhood to the power of your engine, it’s going to be fun to learn how to make the necessary changes.

Read on as I examine how to make your car’s exhaust louder and deeper. There are a few things to consider and you will want to pay attention so that you’ll know how to do things right. Once all is said and done, you should have the impressive-sounding car exhaust that you have been dreaming of.

How to make a car exhaust louder and deeper sounding.

Important Disclaimer: Noise Laws

Before moving forward with making these changes, you need to consider whether this is a practical idea.

You probably already know this but there are laws about how loud your car can be. If you don’t have a sufficient muffler to quiet your exhaust, then it is possible that you could encounter problems with the police. They might ticket you if you’re driving your car down the road and it gets too loud so just take all things into consideration before jumping the gun on this matter.

Replacing the Muffler

One of the most practical ways to make your exhaust louder is going to be to replace the muffler. Your current muffler might be a little bit too good at keeping things quiet. You could go ahead and put on a different muffler that is going to help you to achieve the sound that you’re going for. Most mufflers are designed to absorb as much sound as possible so you’re going to want to use a different muffler type than usual.

Figuring out which type of muffler is right for your car is going to be the most difficult part. You could buy a muffler that you think will work well and then wind up getting less than desirable results. For this reason, it’s advisable to discuss things with a professional before you get started. You could go to your mechanic or to a car parts store with a knowledgeable staff to get more information about which muffler will be right for you.

For the most part, experts are probably going to recommend buying a straight muffler. Most factory mufflers that come on cars are the “s-type” mufflers that absorb a lot of sound. A straight muffler is different because the exhaust is going to come out directly. This should make your exhaust significantly louder and it should also make your car perform a bit better too.

Adding an Exhaust Tip

Not everyone has a lot of extra money to pour into his or her car. If you are working on a bit of a budget, then you might want to be able to make things louder without breaking the bank. In this situation, adding an exhaust tip to your car can be quite useful. This is among the most cost-effective ways to increase exhaust noise and it isn’t difficult to pull off either.

Exhaust tips are capable of acting as a sound amplifier for your car. They come in many different styles and they can look really nice. Some people like going this route simply because it adds a bit of aesthetic appeal to the car without costing too much money. If you want to get the most sound possible, buying an exhaust tip with flared ends of dual walls will work out nicely.

Increasing the Bore of Your Exhaust Pipe

Another possible way to make your exhaust sound louder and deeper is to increase the bore of your exhaust pipe. When your exhaust pipe is very narrow, it’s only going to be able to produce so much sound. It might be too narrow to get the big sound that you have been hoping for. If you can increase the bore of the exhaust pipe, then this will allow the sound to be significantly louder while also being deeper than it was before.

You should be very cautious when you’re increasing the bore of your exhaust pipe, though. Increasing the bore too much isn’t going to be good. You shouldn’t need to increase the bore much more than half an inch or one inch. It’s also crucial to make sure that everything fits on your car properly once the modifications have been made. As long as you approach things with the proper caution, you should be able to get the results that you are looking for.

Connecting Welded Hangers to Your Exhaust System

Certain exhaust systems are made a bit differently. Your car might have an exhaust system that hangs from your vehicle on a rubber mount. This type of exhaust system dampens the vibrations that are normally transferred through the exhaust system. Connecting welded hangers to your exhaust system will allow you to hear the exhaust vibrations as you want to.

Some will run into problems when going this route, though. You could wind up hearing too much noise inside the car. For this reason, you might want to consider a rubber-connected free-hanging system instead. It’s up to you to decide and some people don’t mind the increased noise inside the car at all.

Unclog Exhaust Tubing

It’s possible that you might not be getting the sound that you want due to having some clogs in your exhaust tubing. Simply taking the time to unclog the exhaust tubing might provide you with a better-sounding exhaust system.

Cleaning out your exhaust tubing is a very practical way to increase your exhaust sound. It shouldn’t take a lot of time to do and it’s basically free to give it a shot so you might want to try this before considering the other options to see how much of a difference it makes.

Consider Turbochargers

Your vehicle manufacturer might offer turbochargers that will make your exhaust sound a lot louder than it does currently. The advantage of using turbochargers is that they will also significantly improve the performance of your vehicle. Not all vehicles are going to be compatible with turbochargers, though. This will only be an option if the make and model of your car is compatible with a turbocharger.

The potential disadvantage of using a turbocharger is that it will cost you more money due to increased fuel needs. Regardless, this is an option that is appealing to many people. It can help you to make your car perform as well as it possibly can and that is going to be something that is hard to ignore. It won’t be an option for everyone but it’s worth looking into for certain people.

In Closing

Making your car exhaust louder and deeper isn’t as difficult as you might have assumed that it would be. It’s still important to approach the process with respect and caution. If you’re going to be replacing the muffler, then you should take the time to ensure that you’re getting an appropriate part for your vehicle. All of the above solutions have the potential to work nicely but you need to consider your situation to determine which is going to be the most practical option for you.

Increasing the exhaust sound on your car is going to be something that will improve your enjoyment of the car. Whether you have a big vehicle and you want it to sound powerful or you simply want to enjoy the loud sound of your sports car, this guide should help you quite a lot. Just remember to be careful when you’re making the necessary changes. If you install parts that don’t fit right, it could wind up causing problems for your vehicle down the line.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with things such as this, then it might be beneficial to enlist the help of professionals. Many people won’t have a problem handling these modifications by themselves but you need to recognize whether you have the right tools to do the job. You have the information to make the right decision for your vehicle now. Choose wisely and you should be able to enjoy the loud exhaust system of your dreams soon enough.

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