Should I Get a White or Black Car? (The Pros and Cons)

Can you see yourself behind the wheel of a nice family-friendly white hatchback? What about a sleek and sexy black mustang convertible? There are many pros and cons to getting a black car, as well as a white one. It all depends on how practical you are and what your values are.

As a general rule, white cars are preferred to black cars. No one can tell you if you should get a white or black car, and there are pros and cons for each. Your choice will be driven by who you are and for what you will use your vehicle.

When looking for a new car, you must consider safety as a significant factor. You should also consider what type of image you are trying to project with your car. Read this article to determine the pros and cons of getting a black or white car.

Is It Better to Have a Black Car or White Car?

According to research, white cars are the safest to drive, while black cars are the most dangerous. The main reason white vehicles are considered safer is that they are easier to see in situations where visibility is poor.

White cars are less likely to get in accidents than black cars. Black cars are challenging to see at night, especially when the road is near empty and dark. Also, car thieves tend to steal black vehicles the most. Black cars tend to take the most work to be clean, as any spots stand out against the dark surface.

White color cars are cooler in temperature than black cars, as black cars tend to get very hot inside during the summer. Since white is the safest color car, they are better to have over a black car. However, there is no denying that black cars are sleek and lush.

Why Are So Many Cars Black or White?

There are various reasons why so many cars are black or white. One of them is that the top four colored cars go with everything. The top four colors include:

  • White
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Grey

These particular colors never go out of style. Many novelty-colored cars, such as lime green, electric blue, and burnt orange, do not appeal to all car buyers, but the colors above very much do.

Car dealerships typically do not showcase the more outlandish colors because they are not universally accepted the way that black or white cars have become.

The Pros of Getting a Black Car

Research shows that car buyers tend to choose black cars so they can appear confident and sophisticated. The driver may also want to portray themselves as powerful. The slickness of the color black on vehicles can make a driver appear more upscale, even if they are driving a less expensive car.

With advantages like these, it can be difficult to resist purchasing a beautiful new black car. Look below for the pros of a black car:

Visual Appeal

A new black car looks classy and stylish. The color black can make the car look seductive. It will emphasize the curves and contours of the car. Black never goes out of fashion, as it tends to go with everything. Some of the different types of vehicles that look good in black include:

  • Saab
  • Buick Grand National
  • Lincoln Continental
  • Limousine
  • Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
  • Lotus Evora GT 430
  • Audi A3 S Line
  • BMW M2
  • Mercedes G550 4×4
  • Ford Mustang Shelby
  • Ford Raptor

Black cars look luxurious and timeless, no matter what type you choose. A nice black car has the same visual appeal as a little black dress on a gorgeous woman.

High Resale Values   

Many used cars come in the color black. It is the second most popular color car in the world (next to white). Black vehicles retain their value in the used car market exceptionally well. Achieving a high selling price close to your buying price is the ultimate victory for a car owner.

The Cons of Black Car

Difficult to Keep in Good Condition

Black cars tend to attract more bird poo and dust more than other colors. Black cars look immaculate until a bird poops on the side of the vehicle. It is quite the blow for a new car owner whose aim was to appear sexy and sleek.

It Takes a Lot of Money to Maintain

Washing, waxing, and shining all require a certain amount of money. Any small amount of dirt on the vehicle will show, so black cars are high maintenance. Even rainstorms can leave annoying little marks. You will have to spend the money to keep a black car looking pristine.

Black Is (Literally) the Hottest Color

Black cars can get very hot during the warmer months. Black is the hottest color, as it retains heat. The seats will be unbearably hot, and it will almost kill you to put on your seatbelt. The car itself will reek of the heat, and when you exit the vehicle, you will look as though you just spent time in a sauna.

More Likely to Get Stolen

Black color cars are more likely to get stolen than many other color cars. They come in the third-highest color car for getting stolen, just after silver and white. Criminals tend to gravitate toward the color black, especially upscale black cars.

Unsafe in the Dark

Research has indicated that black cars are involved in more accidents. It is difficult to see black vehicles in the dark, especially on dark back roads. Regarding malfunctioned lights or significant storms, the risk of other cars crashing into black cars is elevated. People walking on the street could also miss a black car.

The Pros of Getting a White Car

A white car often creates a modern, sleek appearance. Research has demonstrated that drivers who choose this color are often hardworking go-getters. They can manage a plethora of details and information, and when it comes to their work-life, they know how to deliver.

New Cars Look Good in White

The white color suits many different types of cars. Some of the different kinds of vehicles that look good in white include:

  • Toyota Aygo
  • Bentley Continental
  • Family Hatchbacks
  • SUV’s
  • Sedans
  • Wagons
  • Lamborghini
  • Ferrari
  • Chevrolet Equinox
  • Volkswagon Beetle
  • Lexus

White is a more economical color than black in terms of the type of person purchasing the car. It is the most sought-after color car, before black and silver. The color white is both elegant and modern.

Many people who drive white cars are dependable and family oriented.

Resale Value

White is an inconspicuous color that has a wide range of appeal. Many used car buyers prefer their cars to be white. If your objective is to increase the value of your car when you sell it or trade it in, you should consider picking a white car before purchasing a more vivid color.

White Cars Are (Literally) Cool

White surfaces are extraordinary heat and light reflectors. White cars do not absorb as much sunlight as other colored vehicles do, which means that the autos inside will not get so ungodly hot during the warmer months.

There Are a Plethora of White Shades

When it comes to cars, there are many shades of white. You can tell the nice expensive whites from the cheap ones. The premium whites often have better names and present themselves as being more of a classic color of white, such as ivory and pearl white.

The Cons of White Cars

It is a Common Color

Have you ever come out of a busy supermarket and been unable to find your car among a sea of other vehicles? If so, you may possibly be one of the many people who have a white car. White is a very popular color, making it difficult to stand out when you need to find it.

White Cars Can Be Difficult to Clean

White cars are notorious for any spots or dirt being very noticeable. If you do not keep the car clean, it may end up being covered in dirt. With a white car, it is obvious which bits you need to touch up after the first washing, which is good for you, but your vehicle will look grimy.

Which Car Is Harder to Keep Clean: Black or White?

Ideally, you want to keep your car as clean and polished as when you first saw it in the showroom at the dealership. However, once time passes, it becomes more challenging to maintain that initial viewing.

Most car owners who purchase a white or black car know from the onset that keeping it clean will be quite the challenge.

White is the most common color car, and most people think it is the most difficult to keep clean simply because it is white. However, this is a misconception. Black cars have demonstrated that they are the toughest to keep clean.

All dark-colored cars are a pain to maintain and clean. Any little smudge of dirt on the car is noticeable. Rainstorms can leave stains and smudges that will taint your car’s pristine appearance. Spots and stains are often a problem for black cars because of bird droppings, dust, and pollens.

Black cars tend to look worse than white cars in terms of stains and smudges. They also highlight scratches and scrapes because the white mark of the scratch contrasts with the black paint.

However, white cars are only marginally better in terms of cleanliness. White cars will often get dirty quickly if you live in areas with red clay or volcanic matter. Dirt roads can also be a problem for white cars.

The upside to driving a white car is that it tends to hide dust and dirt more easily than black cars. It is easier to keep a white car clean in warmer and drier climates. White paint also hides minor scrapes and scratches resulting from washing the car with a sponge or brush.

Which Areas of the Globe Prefer White or Black Cars?

Different areas prefer different color cars. White is the preferred color globally. The majority of vehicles that are sold are black or white. It all depends upon where you live. For more information, see the chart below.

North America20%27%
South America13%37%

Many people who prefer white cars are conservative and like to project the image of having order and simplicity. Black is the second most popular colored car. Many people who prefer black want to project power and determination. Black is a popular color for top-notch business people and executives.

Car Colors and Resale Value

As previously mentioned earlier in the article, the color of your car plays a role in determining its resale value. If you choose a popular color, you could be influencing the bottom line when it comes time to sell your car. Choosing the wrong color could cause depreciation of your vehicle.

The amount of depreciation varies from hundreds to thousands of dollars. You should pick neutral colors, such as white, black, or silver. White cars, in particular, tend to look newer longer, which can help with the resale value of the vehicle.

Always stick to basic colors when it comes to your car. That way, you will have something to show for it later on. Remember: the color of your car affects the cost of ownership and the resale value. These should all be considerations when purchasing or reselling a vehicle.


When choosing a color for your new car, you should keep a few things in mind. The most important should be safety. Statistics and research have shown that white cars are safer than black cars because they are easier to see in the dark.

Another point of interest is your personality. You need to figure out what you want your car to say about you. Whether you are practical and modern or confident and ambitious, there is a car out there that is perfect for you.

In terms of cleanliness and safety, the white car is the winner. However, a flashy new black vehicle is sure to satisfy those who crave power and success.

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